State of Michigan REGISTERED NURSE P11 or 12 in Ypsilanti, Michigan

Job Description

Why Work for the State of Michigan

  • Competitive Salaries
  • Some jobs may qualify for shift differential pay and/ prison pay of $0.40 per hour
  • Career Advancement
  • Vacation, Sick, and School and Community Leave
  • Health, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance Long-Term Disability, Long-Term Care, Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Deferred Compensation Plans 457 and 401(k) including match up to total of 7%
  • Twelve Paid Holidays and Day Off for Major Elections As a Registered Nurse at Women's Huron Valley Correctional Facility, you will be challenged with working in the only female offender prison in the state. New Hires will receive a one-time lump sum signing bonus of $5,000. The bonus will be paid out as $1,500 gross pay adjustment on the employee's first pay warrant and the remaining $3,500 will be paid upon completion of one year (2,080 hours) of satisfactory service. (If the employee leaves within one year of the appointment, they will be required to pay back the entire bonus.)

This is a senior registered professional nurse position which requires advanced clinical decision making skills and judgment. The senior level registered nurse is first, and sometimes the only, health care professional to assess and/or treat correctional prisoners. It is the senior level registered nurse who determines the need for and timeliness of an appropriate referral to the physician or other provider. He/she is the only health care professional expected to independently perform the full range of their duties in any setting, including housing units, camps, transport vehicles, ambulances, etc. In any and all settings, the senior level registered nurse is expected to initiate and sustain life-saving care and measures as appropriate, as well as perform the full range of clinical nursing duties. The complexity of the work exceeds written, established methods and procedures often available and therefore the senior level registered nurse is expected to exercise considerable independent judgment in selecting the most appropriate course of action. The nurse at this level works as an emergency clinic nurse, an inpatient staff nurse, a mental health nurse, or an as ambulatory clinic nurse. The employee may be hired for a specific area, but may be held responsible to move to any or all ambulatory or inpatient settings within the complex or facility.


Required Education and Experience

RN P-11: Associates Degree in Nursing and licensure - no experience necessary.

RN 12: Associates Degree in Nursing and one year of experience equivalent to a Registered Nurse P11

Alternate: Possession of a master's degree in nursing or possession of a bachelor's degree in

nursing andsix months of experience equivalent to a Registered Nurse P11 may be

substituted for the experience requirement at the 12 level.

Alternate Education and Experience

Possession of a diploma, associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree in nursing accepted for licensure by the Michigan Board of Nursing.

Please provide a copy of your original college transcripts and a scanned copy of your license. These documents can be scanned to your NEOGOV profile and attached to any position you apply for.

Additional Requirements and Information

Your application will remain on file for six months. If you are interested after the six months period, you must reapply.

RN P-11 Position Description RN 12 Position Description Job Specification

Salary: $23.26 - $32.98 Hourly

Location: Ypsilanti, MI

Job Type: Permanent Full Time

Department: Corrections - Huron Valley Correctional Complex

Job Number: 4715-17-WHV RN

Closing: Continuous


Agency: State of Michigan

Address: 400 South Pine Street Lansing, Michigan, 48909

Phone: (800) 788-1766