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Beaumont Health System Certified Central Supply Proc in Wayne, Michigan

divb/bbJob Summary: /bbuspan/span/u/bUnder direct supervision, provides centralized support according to AORN (Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses), AAMI (Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation), CDC (Center for Disease Control), FDA (Food and Drug Administration), OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration), and department policy in the areas of terminal sterilization and sterilization monitoring systems, decontamination and disinfection, preparation of surgical instrument trays, durable patient care equipment, case cart distribution and the maintenance of predetermined inventory levels and dispensing and distribution of sterile and non-sterile items from stock.bEssential Duties:/bbuspan/span/u/bul type="disc"li class="MsoNormal"Maintain quality aseptic control procedures in a continuing effort to prevent and control the spread of infection with use of established PPE./lili class="MsoNormal"Serves as a resource person for sterilization, decontamination, case cart preparation, surgical instrumentation and patient care supplies./lili class="MsoNormal"Disassembles, decontaminates, cleans, sorts, inspects and assembles surgical instrument trays, case carts, procedure carts and durable medical care equipment using manufacturers recommended guidelines.span /spanAAMI and AORN standards of practice will be followed to ensure items are safe for handling./lili class="MsoNormal"Assembles surgical instrument trays using established count sheets./lili class="MsoNormal"Maintains loaner tray logs./li/ulul type="disc"li class="MsoNormal"Sterilizes specialized, routine and other surgical instrumentation according to manufacturer, AORN and AAMI recommended guidelines and practices./lili class="MsoNormal"span/spanResponsible for all sterilizing and disinfection testing and monitoring of all sterilizers, washer/decontaminators, sonic, cart washer and OPA with documented results./lili class="MsoNormal"Establishes priority sterilization loads, develops load configuration based on weight and mass to aid in appropriate exposure to sterilant./lili class="MsoNormal"Ensures proper handling and storage of sterile instrumentation./lili class="MsoNormal"Will immediately isolate sterile items and initiate recall for positive biologicals or unmonitored loads./lili class="MsoNormal"Demonstrate knowledge of instrument tray inventory and location./lili class="MsoNormal"Builds accurate surgical case carts according to a prescribed Doctor Preference Card./lili class="MsoNormal"Transports at the end of the day, for the next day surgical cases, a prepared case cart for the first three scheduled surgical cases of each room. The carts are stored in the alcove outside of the assigned room./lili class="MsoNormal"Orders and receives supplies from storeroom, to include special orders and stock supplies.span /spanAll items will be cross checked with receiver to ensure accuracy. Supplies will be rotated when placed on the shelves to ensure FIFO (first in-first out)./lili class="MsoNormal"Will use inventory scanning device (@Par) to issue supplies. In cases of down time, will use the People Soft program on the computer./lili class="MsoNormal"Makes iCREDO /ia part of their everyday actions and attitude./lili class="MsoNormal"Participates in activities that promote growth of self, i.e., JCAHO inservices, mandatory department, hospital and continuing education opportunities. /li/ultabletbodytrtd width="509" valign="to