Acadia Healthcare Behavioral Health Associate 4 (7am-7:30pm) in New Baltimore, Michigan

Assist patient with their daily living activities and administer basic health care or treatments.

Participate in therapeutic or recreational group activities with patient.

Help with admitting and discharging patient.

Monitor physical and emotional well-being of patient and report unusual behavior or physical ailments to appropriate staff. Prepare and maintain records of progress and services performed.

Observe and influence the behavior of the patient by communicating, interacting, teaching and guiding them.

Encourage patient to participate in social, recreational or other therapeutic activities that enhance interpersonal skills or develop social relationships. Teach strategies to promote client wellness and independence.

Lead or co-lead individual or group sessions as part of specific recreational or therapeutic procedures.

Collaborate with other staff in working with the population of the facility to treat, rehabilitate and return patient to the community.

Prepare treatment or recreation areas, including setting up therapy equipment and transporting patients/helping them move to or from a therapy area. Clean activity or treatment areas and equipment.

Coordinate the work and activities of others. Schedule programs and activities.

Provide guidance and direction to other staff members, including training of new staff, or otherwise assisting in the day-to-day operations.

Perform day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining information files and processing paperwork.

Provide transportation for patient as needed. May include driving of facility motor vehicle or coordinating transportation with appropriate staff member.

Comply with organizational policies, procedures, performance improvement initiatives and maintain organizational and industry policies regarding