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Munson Medical Center Pool RN II in Grayling, Michigan

Float Pool Placement:

  • Float Pool classifications are:

  • General Float Pool covers CCU, ED, Medical/Surgical, OB, Outpatient Surgery, PDC, and the PACU

  • Critical Care Float Pool will cover CCU, ED, OB, PACU and the PDC.

  • A list of the Nursing Pool staff and their unit coverage will be kept in the Nursing Administration office.

  • Rotation of each float nurse through the units will continue to ensure competency in each area so no one float nurse is kept in one area all of the time (includes General and Critical Care pools).

    • Floating from one area to another, depending on staffing and throughput necessities, may occur during a shift. The Nursing Supervisor is responsible for making these decisions.
  • In periods of low census, the Nursing Supervisor will analyze the individual department’s staffing and experience requirements to determine equitable practices.

Pool Practice

  • Pool Nurses will be oriented and maintain competency in all units they work.

  • Attend required competency skills labs for the units.

  • Complete any mandatory education required by unit/hospital.

  • Acquire any mandatory certifications (i.e. ACLS, NRP, etc.) within six months of orientation completion

  • Pool nurses are not required to staff the Critical Care Trauma zones in the ED.

  • Pool nurses are not required to care for patients in active labor, or acutely ill infants in the OB.

  • After one year of post-orientation training in the following areas, or if stipulated by direct managers (ED and the OB), individuals may be eligible to take higher-level certifications and take on a more critical patient load in both areas.

  • Pool nurses will maintain practice within the guidelines and “standards of care” developed for each unit.

New Candidates

  • Orientation to units will be individualized to reflect nurse’s experience.

  • Nurses hired into the pool should have at least one year of Critical Care/ Med-Surg experience.


  • Both Float Pools will continue to be self-scheduled in terms of days per week, however, may be placed in specific departments to maintain competencies as aforementioned.

  • Holiday obligation for the float pools are 2 holidays per year on a rotating schedule.

  • Float pool members may seek to work overtime in a specific department, however the specific needs of the float pool schedule will take precedence (ie. Complete coverage). Further, any shifts signed up for in addition to float pool hours are considered obligatory and are subject to normal staffing guidelines of host department.