Munson Medical Center Environ Service Tech IV in Grayling, Michigan

Job Summary: Perform a variety of general cleaning tasks to maintain patient rooms, offices, hallways and other assigned areas of the hospital.

Minimum Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent preferred.Ability to read, write and follow directions/instructions. Housekeeping and/or hospital experience preferred. Ability demonstrated in floor finishing and carpet cleaning.

Skills, Talents and Abilities: Work is performed in accordance with detailed and specific instructions or procedures. Very little or no operating freedom is used. Basic impact - decisions and influence are limited to the mechanics of the position. Minimal analytical ability is required. Typical analysis involves a simple comparison of numbers or letters.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to balance, bend, climb, crawl, crouch, kneel, reach, sitting, squat, stand, twist and walk 100% of the time. Must be able to hear speech, distinguish sounds and speak. Must have near vision, far vision, depth perception and be able to distinguish colors. Must be able to lift objects weighing up to 35 pounds.

Position Accountabilities:

  • Supports the Mission, Vision and Values of Munson Healthcare

  • Embraces and supports the Performance Improvement philosophy of Munson Healthcare.

  • Promotes personal and patient safety.

  • Has basic understanding of Relationship-Based Care (RBC) principles, meets expectations outlined in Commitment To My Co-workers,and supports RBC unit action plans.

  • Uses effective customer service/interpersonal skills at all times.

  • Exercises tact and pleasantness when dealing with hospital personnel. Gives directions to visitors in a pleasant manner.

  • Activities controlled by established procedures and if changes are necessary, it is by instruction of immediate Manager or Lead employee. Must recall and apply learned procedures as situations occur. Must adjust to varying conditions in work situations and apply established procedures.

  • Standing and walking much of the day. Requires bending, stretching, climbing ladders, lifting, pulling and pushing. Hands in solutions frequently. Subject to interruptions as situations warrant.

  • Use of products that are potentially harmful if used improperly. Potential exposure to contagious disease if Universal Precautions and Blood Bourne Pathogen Standards as not followed. Use of semi-automatic and manual cleaning equipment.

  • Must wear approved uniform. Must follow all manufacturers’ instructions on chemical dilution and usage of products. Must wear protective equipment relative to product handling.

  • Gloves, goggles, face shield, gown, mask, and hardhat must be worn as situation warrants and defined in the Safety Standard Act. Must follow all department, hospital and regulatory agency guidelines. Wear PPE (personal protective equipment) as required and have complete knowledge and understanding of Universal Precautions and Blood Borne Pathogen standards.

  • Remove trash/recycling/Confidential (HIPPIA) information and soiled linen from floors using utility cart.

  • Will be required to assist other Environmental Services Technician’s II and IV when necessary.

  • Performs all duties of Environmental Services Technician’s II as assigned.

  • Preforms all Floor Care work as assigned.

  • Transport/arrange furniture and equipment according to policy/instructions.

  • Operate/maintain/clean battery powered floor machines.

  • Scrub/strip hard and resilient floors using the proper/technique and product for the flooring type.

  • Completes all detail work (Baseboard/corners/kick plates/openings) using the proper technique and product.

  • Apply finish to hard and resilient floors using the proper/technique and product for the flooring type.

  • Clean carpets using proper/technique and product for application and carpet type.

  • Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

  • Unlicensed staff to include but not limited to housekeepers, material management clerks, unit clerks, maintenance staff may have permission to briefly be provided access to and be in areas where medications are stored in order to fulfill tasks outlined in their job description.