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City of Detroit Emergency Medical Technician (Detroit Fire Department - EMS Division) in Detroit, Michigan

Emergency Medical Technician (Detroit Fire Department - EMS Division)



Emergency Medical Technician (Detroit Fire Department - EMS Division)


$33,092.80 - $41,995.20 Annually


MI 48226, MI

Job Type

Certified-Regular Civil Service


Fire Department

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6/30/2021 11:59 PM Eastern

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The Detroit Fire Department began providing dedicated ambulance treatment and transport services in the summer of 1972, with the mission to provide the citizens and visitors of Detroit with compassionate and professional emergency medical care. With the implementation of the Detroit Fire Department's Medical First Responder Program, the City now has over 900 licensed individuals in the Detroit Fire Department providing care at the MFR, EMT and Paramedic level, staffing over sixty medically licensed Fire and EMS vehicles, responding to over 120,000 calls for service annually. Respond to 911 calls for Emergency Medical Care and provide advanced and basic life support.

Under general supervision and within the scope of practice of an Emergency Medical Technician (Basic), responds to 911 calls for service to include medical, trauma and other public emergency situations; administers pre-hospital emergency medical care in accordance with approved medical protocols and Department rules and regulations; operates Department issued emergency vehicles and provides transportation of the sick and injured to medical care facilities

Examples of Duties

  • Responds to, and provides assistance at, dispatched or observed medical emergencies or accidents, where there exists the possibility of further injury, loss of limb, death, or where such services are in the public interest.

  • Determines the general nature of the emergency situation and communicates observations to additional responders, Command Staff and medical control physicians.

  • Provides appropriate emergency care to alleviate the medical crisis, reduce injury or stabilize the injured person's condition until definitive medical treatment is available.

  • Uses a variety of equipment and special materials to treat injured persons including airway management and ventilation support equipment, defibrillators, extrication equipment, various kinds of splints, special dressings and bandages.

  • Informs persons involved in financial responsibility and alternatives available, where emergency conditions are determined not to exist.

  • Transports injured persons to appropriate treatment facilities in special emergency medical units or other assigned vehicles, and recognizes the need for transporting unusual cases to particular hospitals where specialized treatment is available; continues patient care while in transit.

  • Notifies hospital of incoming emergency cases and, as required, communicates with hospital personnel to advise of patient condition and to secure information or special instructions.

  • Maintains a high level of sanitation in an assigned vehicle in accordance with infection control standards.

  • Inspects assigned vehicle and associated equipment for proper operation and appearance.

  • Utilizes computer terminals for emergency and non-emergency communications.

  • Operates multi-channel radio or other portable communication devices.

  • Prepares required records and reports relating to locations, persons assisted, conditions found, measures taken and services provided, including information for billing purposes.

  • Assists in the training of emergency medical service personnel and others.

  • Provides testimony in court proceedings and/or assists with investigations.

  • Provides appropriate assistance to hospital emergency room personnel within the guidelines of Department directives.

  • Assists in keeping quarters clean and otherwise participates in company routine while on assignment at fire house or other sites, during stand-by time.

  • Attends in-service and other training classes to enhance technical skills.

  • Performs duties in accordance with Departmental rules and regulations as well as protocols of the Detroit East Medical Control Authority

Minimum Qualifications

  • High School Diploma or GED

  • Possession of a current unrestricted State of Michigan Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) License and all associated required certifications to operate in the Detroit Medical Control Zone.


  • Must possess and maintain a valid State of Michigan Emergency Medical Service License.

  • Must possess and maintain a valid State of Michigan Chauffeur License.


  • Equivalent combinations of education and experience that provide the required knowledge, skills, and abilities will be evaluated on an individual basis

Supplemental Information


  • Physical Agility Test: Pass / Fail

  • Interview: Pass / Fail

  • Evaluation of Training, Experience, & Personal Qualifications: 100%

  • Detroit Residency Points: 15 Points.

  • Veteran Points: 0 to 15 Points

Knowledge of:

  • Pre-hospital standard of care at the license level of Emergency Medical Technician (Basic).

  • Pertinent laws and ordinances were relative to the position.

  • Location of Detroit streets, hospitals, and landmarks.

  • Traffic rules and regulations applicable to emergency vehicle operation.

Skilled in:

  • Determining the general nature of emergency situations.

  • Performing pre-hospital medical care at the license level of Emergency Medical Technician (Basic).

  • Transmitting clear, concise and accurate verbal and written reports.

  • Determining the most direct route to and from calls for service and destination hospitals.

Ability to:

  • Function independently of direct supervision.

  • Maintain Department driving certification and operator status of assigned emergency vehicles.

  • Learn city street patterns and determine the best routes of travel.

  • Prepare written and oral reports of a technical nature.

  • Maintain emotional stability and mental awareness under stressful conditions.

  • Effectively interact with injured persons, the public, physicians, and other medical and Public Safety personnel.

  • Use handheld, desktop and laptop computers.

  • Withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold, and moisture.

  • Function within a para-military organization to include taking orders from a superior Officer and obeying all rules and regulations of the City of Detroit and the Detroit Fire Department.


  • Must have and maintain excellent physical health and conditioning with no medical disabilities that would impair the performance of Emergency Medical Technician (Basic) duties.

  • Must be able to successfully complete a pre-employment physical fitness test and medical exam in this classification and maintain a level of fitness throughout the duration of employment in order to successfully pass any future physical fitness tests or medical exams as required by the City of Detroit and the Detroit Fire Department.

  • Possess considerable strength, balance and agility in bending, stooping, crawling and walking on uneven terrain, and lifting and moving patients weighing 200+ pounds with a partner.

  • Ability to treat and extricate patients in hazardous environments and to wear appropriate personal protective equipment.

  • Ability to work with considerable hazards, i.e., explosions, anoxic environments, violent patients and potential fire risks.

Candidates considered for placement in this classification may be subject to a Criminal Background and Driving Record Investigation based on the requirements of the position.

The above statements describe the general nature and level of work performed by employees assigned to the class. Incumbents may be required to perform job-related responsibilities and tasks other than those stated in this specification. Specific job duties may vary from position to position

City Employees Benefits Summary


The City of Detroit offers a competitive and comprehensive employee benefit package. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our employees. Part of the reason for the low turnover rate is the exceptional benefit package listed below. Benefits include, but are not limited to the following:


Eligible for medical, hospital and prescription drug benefits on the first (1st) day of employment.


Eligible for dental care after six (6) months of employment.


Eligible for eye care after six (6) months of employment.

Life Insurance

Optional group insurance available to employee and their family. The City pays 60% of premium for first $12,500 of employee life insurance. Employee may purchase, at own expense, life insurance for spouse and each dependent.

Long-Term Disability Insurance (Income Protection Plan)

The City offers disability insurance through payroll deductions for persons who become disabled and who are not yet eligible for a service retirement.

Sick Leave

City employees accrue sick leave based on the number of regular hours worked. Full time employees earn ninety-six (96) hours of sick leave per year. You may carry over your unused sick leave. Effective July 7, 2012 maximum accumulation is 300 hours.



New Year's Day

Martin Luther King's Birthday

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Day after Thanksgiving

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

New Year's Eve

Other Leave Policies

The City also has the following paid and unpaid leaves; funeral leave, Family and Medical Leave, jury duty, military duty leave, unpaid personal leave,


City Employees Retirement System

As a regular City employee you automatically become a member of the General Retirement System. This entitles you to a retirement allowance after:

• Retirement is offered after you have attained at least twenty-five (25) years of service; • Employees are vested after ten (10) years of service, regardless of age.

Advancement Opportunities

Employees have many opportunities for growth and career advancement throughout all City departments and divisions.


Do you possess a High School Diploma or GED?

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Do you possess a current unrestricted State of Michigan - Emergency Technician (Basic) License?

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Do you possess a valid Michigan Chauffeur License?

  • Yes

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Have you ever worked for the City of Detroit - Fire Department or EMS Division?

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  • No

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City of Detroit


Coleman A. Young Municipal Center

2 Woodward Ave ste 316

Detroit, Michigan, 48226